Policy on the Environment and Society

The Premier Group operates its business by maintaining environmental balance, complying with environmental laws and regulations in accordance with international standards or standards that are appropriate for each business line, and giving importance and cooperation to communities in which the group companies operate in looking after the community-based environment through:

1. Conserve, preserve and prevent events that may affect the environment and arrange for installation of equipment for waste treatment so that it will not affect the environment and communities in which the Premier Group operates its businesses.
2. When an event affects the environment due to the products/services or operations of the Group, the Premier Group will rectify and take responsibility of the damages fairly and urgently. 3. Provide training, install monitoring systems, provide care and maintenance of equipment and machinery, and make continuous development in order to increase the efficiency in maintaining a safe environment and to provide assurance to the public.
4. Appropriate 5 per cent of the net profit after income tax in each fiscal year for donation towards the education of poor and underprivileged youths through the Yuvabadhana Foundation or other respectable charitable organizations as specified by the directors.