Code of Business Conduct

Whistle-Blowing Measures and Whistle-Blower Protection Mechanisms

The Company requires that executives at all levels assume responsibility for ensuring that employees under their supervision acknowledge, understand and comply rigorously with the code of conduct and policy/regulations/requirements of the Company, the principles of good corporate governance and various laws. The Company has determined the procedures for consideration and investigation of grievances or complaints that are systematic, transparent and accountable so that the complainants will have trust and confidence in a fair investigation process.

In order to treat all stakeholders equally and with fairness, the Company has set up channels for whistle-blowing, complaints, suggestions or recommendations that indicate that the stakeholders are affected or are at risk of being affected by any action that may cause damages for all groups of stakeholders arising from its business operations or violation of laws, rules, regulations and the code of conduct by its employees, as well as behaviors that may indicate fraud, unfair treatment, or careless or reckless actions. Whistle-blowing or filing of complaints together with details and evidences can be made through the following channels:

  • Audit Committee
  • The Company Secretary

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The whistle-blowers or filers of complaints that are employees, customers, individuals hired for work by the Company or other groups of stakeholders who are whistle-blowers will have their rights protected and defended according to the law or the guidelines set by the Company.