TARO Math Tournament 2012

  Parents and guardians would like the youths who like to play online games to spend more time on academic matters. Taro sees that it can assist in developing the education society by encouraging youths who like to play online games and likes mental arithmetic to spend their free time productively to develop their potential. Therefore, Taro has initiated the “Taro Math Tournament”, which is an online mathematical competition through the website to encourage youths to show their potential skills and stimulate their ability in mathematical problem-solving that is an important goal in education reform. In 2012, it is the second time Taro has hosted this tournament, which has been well received since 2011.
The nationwide final round will be a competition of the remaining 32 teams at the junior high school level and 32 teams at the senior high school level from all the teams that have applied nationwide. Over 4,000 teams at the junior and senior high school levels have been competing since June for the trophy cup from His Excellency Honorary Professor Dr. Kasem Watanachai, Privy Councillor and prices totaling over 600,000 Baht to be presented by His Excellency Air Chief Marshal Kamthon Sindhavananda, Privy Councillor.
The nationwide final round of the tournament was held at the Terminal 21 Building on Asoke Road in Bangkok on 18-19 August 2012. This year the team from Yothinburana School won at the junior high school level and the team from Satthasamut School won at the senior high school level.
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