Receipt of Integrity Award from the NACC

The Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) organized for the fourth time the Integrity Awards project for the year 2013 (NACC Integrity Awards 2013), which is the presentation of the prestigious awards for virtue, ethics and integrity with the objective of enhancing the country’s transparency and motivating, encouraging and honouring organizations, including the public sector, state enterprises and private sector, to be good examples.

In 2013, 96 organizations were qualified according to the selection criteria to receive the awards. Premier Marketing Public Co., Ltd. was one of the organizations selected according to the NACC’s criteria and received the honorable mention award at the presentation ceremony of the fourth NACC Integrity Awards 2013 held on 8 December 2014. Dr. Chucheep Auekarn, Deputy Managing Director, Personnel and Administration, represented the Company in receiving this award at the Nonthaburi 1 Room of the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission in Nonthaburi Province. This is another pride of the PM people who are committed to collectively participate in strengthening virtue, ethics and integrity in society.

The meaning is conveyed in the form of a four-sided pyramid shape with five main pillars. The base of the spire is adorned in precious gold representing a strong foundation that implies that all sectors must be collectively involved in supporting, maintaining and promoting virtue, ethics, integrity and transparency in the Thai society.