Premier Marketing Public Co.,Ltd ("Company") is the distributor of consumer products. The product portfolio can be divided into 5 groups of products such as
  • Snack such as Taro fish snack, Calbee shrimp crisp, Tinee fish-shaped crisp, Jaxx potato stick, Bun Bun green bean, Shin Mai rice crisp, Jeed Jard tamarind snack, Dalio Cookies and Cocori Baked Corn Snack.

  • Foods and Beverages such as King Kitchen chilli and tomato sauce, Mae Jin preserved vegetable and fruit, Body Shape Coffee and Tra Kaset Bean Thread, Bean and Sesame, Vinegar

  • Confectionery such as Ole and Corifin-C

  • Nutritional foods and pastille such as Botan & Botan Mint Ball lozenge, Banner Protein Capsule, Herbal Thirst Quencher "Utaitip" , Stomachic Mixture Four "Yatard 4"

  • Personal care and household products Personal care and household products such as powder, liquid soap, liquid hand soap, shower gel, oil, lotion, shampoo, etc. under brands Cussons, Imperial Leather, Carex, Pearl, Premier, Qes. and "Darlie" toothpaste.
The company distributes products through distribution channels such as modern trade, traditional trade and cash van which has covered a network of more than 30,000 stores nationwide.

The company has investments in 4 subsidiary companies; P.M.Food Co.,Ltd (PMF). Premier Canning Industry Co.,Ltd (PCI). and Premier Frozen Products Co.,Ltd (PFP). The company holds 100% of their paid up capital. The operations of the three subsidiaries are as follow.
  • P.M.Food Co.,Ltd (PMF) manufactures and sells fish snack products under "Taro" brand. The products are sold in both local market and for export. The company is the sole distributor for the local market.

  • Premier Canning Industry Co.,Ltd (PCI) manufactures and sells tuna related products such as ready-to-eat pouched tuna, canned tuna and tuna pet food under the customer brand. All tuna products are exported to overseas markets in Asia, Europe and Middle East. In addition, PCI also manufacture ketchup and chilli sauce under "King's Kitchen" brand with The company acts as the sole distributor of this product for PCI.

  • Premier Frozen Products Co.,Ltd (PFP) manufactures frozen-food product by orders of each individual buyer. In addition, PFP provides space rental and cold storage rental services.

  • PM SE Co.,Ltd. (PM SE) was estalished on April 10, 2015 with the objective of investing in social enterprise businesses and to build on the core values of the Company and the Premier Group of Companies on the sustainability o society.