Dedicated to be a leading Thai corporation in the consumer product distribution business by adhering to the 5 core values in creating a sustainable, harmonious balance between the business, its staff and society

  • Offering product and service through delivery of value and quality with consumers as the focus
  • Promoting innovative thinking and continuous development in all areas
  • Driving for results that foster benefits for all stakeholders
  • Sharing of knowledge and experiences that raise standards of performance
  • Adhere to the principles of good governance in business operation promote morality and ethics in the Thai traditional way be responsible to the community, society and environment

  1. To deliver quality products services
  2. To utilize innovation to enhance the quality of life, society and the environment
  3. To Foster mutual prosperity of staff, the organization and society
  4. To promote collaboration between specialized teams to maximize efficiency
  5. To act in a moral and ethical manner and uphold Thai tradition